Well for now just posting up some pics from the trip. I left here (Eatonville, WA) on July 2 to Boise ID. Next day to West Magic and stayed there until Wednesday. Then we made our way to the event in Challis, ID. Stayed at the event Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Rolled out on Saturday to head back to Boise. Then Sunday the final leg home. All in all about 1680 miles. Way too much driving!

Things got a little sketchy once we got to Challis. We had instructions on how to get to “basecamp”, but they weren’t very good. Also the turns were supposed to be marked with banners. We saw no banners and many people got lost on the way in. It was 38 miles of long dusty dirt roads with most having a washboard surface and very bumpy. It was very slow going. Myself and many others were pretty pissed off by the time we got to basecamp. The vibration broke one of my cabinet doors and there were many reports of things that got broken on the way in including one toy hauler that had their gas tank get punctured.

I had also left both my trailer windows down and by the time I realized this and pulled over, everything inside my trailer was covered in thick dust. I spent the first hour at basecamp sweeping out the dust and wiping everything down that I could. A few beers later and I had calmed down and we met our neighbors and had a good time.

One thing I had hoped to do while at the event was meet Jake Hollenbeck. Jake comes from a dirt and rock crawler background but was so impressed with the Kawasaki KRX 1000 (the machine I own) that he devoted a separate part of his business to making only aftermarket parts for the KRX 1000. Luckily Jake had arrived late Wednesday and parked close enough that I could see them. I did end up meeting him and his wife Angela and their riding friends. They let us tag along with their group on Thursday and Friday.

I’ll add more details when I have time. Part of the trip was fun, but others, not so much. The high fuel prices caught me way off guard. I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200+ for fuel.

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