I always loved Dodge trucks. Ever since I had my 89 Ramcharger, from that point on I was a “Dodge” guy.

When I came across this 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins in 2008 with 86K on the odometer, it was on a Nissan used car lot in Boise, ID. At the time I was driving a Dakota Quad cab and still owed a chunk on it. When I saw how clean this truck was, I knew I had to have it. I gave them the Dakota and a fairly large chunk of cash to get it. Here are some pictures from when I first brought the truck home in Boise.

In 2010, I ended up needing to come back to Washington state for work (which I did NOT want to do). I was running low on funds (long story) and I had every intention of coming back to Boise once I had put some money away. I sold my 2005 Harley and bought a 10 foot camper for my truck. I put everything else I owned into a storage shed in Boise.

I ran the truck/camper combination for many years and loved it! I always had my “house” with me no matter where I went. I could park in a regular parking spot which enabled me to visit friends and family all over the state. It also came in handy if I was at a BBQ or party and had a bit too much “spirits” : ) Here’s some of the many pictures I took of the truck and camper on many adventures. It was still my favorite combination to have on this truck.

Over the years I’ve left the truck mostly stock. I did get a 5″ exhaust put on, a FASS fuel system and bigger tires with new rims. But lately with the value of these trucks going crazy, I’m starting to really focus on detailing the truck. And I’m not just talking about the top side and engine, but also underneath.
I also wanted to update some of the styling, so I added all new LED headlights, tail lights, fog lights and 3rd brake light. I also painted the honeycomb in the grill gloss black. I think the changes while subtle, all really helped with the overall look of the truck.